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Four advantages of tetol

01Focus onmobiles phones / digital lens products

With 10000 level and 1000 level production workshops and an experienced technical team

  • The company is a professionalmobiles phones, digital, security, temperature controllerHigh tech enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales of lenses。
  • The products are put into use in large quantities and the quality is highly recognized by customers。
  • StayInjection molding, plate(PMMA/PC/ABS)And so onGradual change of color printing, color film of color printing and light-sensitive discolorationEtc。

02ProductReliable quality,Cost performanceHigh

Become a leading and core competitive enterprise in the same industry

  • The company introduces iso-9001:2008, QC080000, EICC and other international standardization systems; the implementation of 7S management and the operation of ERP system。
  • High standard supply chain system。
  • Customizable, highly integrated and cost-effective。

03Professional, efficient and high qualityServices for

Senior technical personnel, professional service process

  • Professional "Application Technology Department" to provide efficient pre-sales and after-sales services。
  • Customized product plan can be debugged within 24 hours。
  • High market share, sufficient spare parts to deal with urgent orders。

04Focus on innovation and quality first

Create a world of "unity, efficiency, responsibility and win-win"

  • We only pursue reasonable profits and are willing to win with our customers in the long run。
  • Honest operation, welcome to visit。
  • Encourage team spirit and practice team cooperation。

Shenzhen taituoer Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

Professional manufacturer of mobiles phones / digital lens products

About us

Tetor Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xixi Group. Tetor specializes in the research and development of high-end mobiles phoness, digital products, smart wearables, smart home appliances, precision optics, VR/AR, and optical lens products. A national high-tech enterprise integrating production and sales. The company has a complete set of advanced production equipment at home and abroad, with advanced technology and strong strength. In recent years, the company has continued to explore the market with good reputation, quality service, and the products have been well received by customers... Learn more+
With fruitful results,To prove our strength
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